Essie blogs: Aspen and Garren


not dated, written on the back of a postcard

Aspen – domineering father, not a boy toy, needs independence, pretty green eyes like spring leaves

Garren – parties, clubs, quasi-anonymous hook-ups, doesn’t date at work – hah, that’s what he thinks; the mystery of Aspen’s arrival and inconvenient persistence of attraction will help get him over that

Basket – new job, new apartment, new city,  tickets to get there

Notes: Make sure the basket is cheerful, upbeat, appealing. Not too elegant or high-end, or it will remind him of the deal his dad wants him for. Taylor will go along with not preparing Garren: wants his partner happy, is a bit of a prat. See if there’s anything in the threads to avoid client involvement or to minimize. Green for Aspen, spring, rebirth. Blue for Garren, independence, calming, blue skies, faith. White for perfection.

<p”>(Aspen and Garren are from Draven St. James’s Eostre’s Baskets: Covert Delivery, now available from Loose Id. Essie from my own Eostre’s Baskets: A New Dawn.)

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