You shopped ’til you dropped. Now it’s time to get something back. Earn money for a few clicks of your mouse at Loose Id.


Share our books on social media, and earn Idcents to spend on more books. No purchase required.

Wait, what? You mean we can earn money to spend on your books by recommending the ones we already read or the ones we want to?

Yep. You can! Heck, you’ve probably even done it without realizing it.

Ever written a review on our website? Yeah? If you did it recently, you earned 45 Idcents. And those 45 Idcents are worth not .045 cents, not 4.5 cents, but 45 cents. Holy Idcash! At that rate, you’ll get a free regular length book after 11 reviews. Even easier, usually if you Like a book on Facebook, Tweet it, Pin It, or +1 it, you get 10 Idcents. For just a mouse click or two. Not bad, huh?

Well, it just got better.


Now through midnight Sunday November 29th, get double the usual Idcents for sharing our books through social media.

Like it, and get 20 Idcents.

Tweet it, and get 20 Idcents.

Pin it, and get 20 Idcents.

+1 it, and get, yep, 20 Idcents.

Oh, and if you send it to a friend? You get 30 Idcents.

Do all five and you just earned $1.10 toward your next purchase. Hot damn.

So, how do you do it?

1. Log In.

If you have an account with us, click the login link at the top of any page.


Fill in your name and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, just click the “Forgot Your Password” link and you’ll receive an email with help recovering your account.

yourdeetsIf you don’t have an account, you can register for one. It’s worth it. You get 200 Idcents (that’s $2!) just for creating the account!

2. Browse the site.

The top navigation bar includes pull downs for: Genres – where you’ll find all of our genres, including series; Featured – where you’ll find everything from special collections, to new authors, to print, e-boxed sets, gift certificates and our VIP club; Newest – where you’ll find titles coming soon, this week’s books, last week’s books, this month’s books, last month’s books, and our weekly deals; Authors – which are alphabetical by first name (quirk of the programming); and our new Free Reads section that I’m working on populating. It also includes our Search bar.


The side navigation includes Genres and Authors. If you click them, you’ll be offered an expanded menu (beneath the original) to break them down to more specifics.


It also includes our Staff Picks, what’s Coming Soon (which includes books available for pre-order), and what’s Trending.










3. Prosper!

When you find a book that you’ve read and loved, you can leave a brief (or long) review, and when it’s posted, you’ll get 45 Idcents.

But even more importantly, take advantage of Double Idcents Weekend by sharing our books on social media. You don’t have to write anything (but you can). Just sign in and click the buttons. The points will go right to your account.


20 Idcents each for FB, Pinterest, Twitter, and G+. Then click that little Share + and recommend it to a friend by email and get 30 Idcents more.

That’s it. Just 3 easy steps. Sign In. Browse. Prosper. It works all the time, but this weekend, it’s like earning overtime.

Don’t miss out! November 28th and November 29th: DOUBLE IDCENTS WEEKEND!


(Psssst. You might want to stock up. There’s a big sale for CyberMonTuesWednesday, starting November 30.)

(Pssst. Pssssssst. There’s a holiday special feature on. Buy $10 in Gift Certificates for a friend, and get $1 in Idcents for yourself. Limit $10 in Idcents. Loose Id Gift Certificates, they’re like earning cash back for buying holiday gifts for your friends.)


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