Curated Collection: Sports Romance by Cassandra Carr

Yes, women like reading about sports too!
By Cassandra Carr

People often ask me why I’ve chosen to write sports romance. Well, it all started when I was a little kid and used to watch NHL games with my dad. We also had a minor league team in my hometown and the family would occasionally trek down to a game. But it didn’t really start until 1994, when I moved to Buffalo and discovered the Sabres.

Now it’s twenty years later, and I’m a rabid fan. I can out-trivia just about anyone about the Sabres, and many about the NHL in general. A hint to any of you guys out there: make sure you know what you’re talking about before you challenge a woman in a bar to a debate about sports. You might end up looking pretty stupid. Moving on…

So, I took this love of sports and decided to write some hockey stories. First came Talk to Me, which, technically, is about an ex-player, but then I started my male/male Safe Harbor series – See the Light and Hiding In Plain Sight.


The topic of homosexuality in sports has come to the forefront in recent years, with the NHL leading the way with its very public support of the You Can Play project. Many NHLers have made videos to show their support of LGBT athletes, and this past summer players from several teams took part in their city’s Pride celebration.

What better way to write about a topic I love, hockey, and add in some timeliness?

Loose Id has some other great sports romance titles too, with many gender pairings, including:

Keira Andrews: Cold War – Two male figure skaters, one from the US and one from Russia? Timely and hot, all at the same time. Yes, please!

Kerry Freeman: Pine Tar & Sweet Tea – Both men had careers in baseball and are now coaching rival high school teams, well, when they can keep their hands off each other…

Michelle Cary: Insidious Obsession – There should be more sports romances featuring female athletes, and this one hits the mark, especially since it centers on a non-traditional sport for women – wrestling. Try it out!

Cassandra Gold: The Cost of Secrets – Another male/male offering. Intrigue when a fitness instructor and a police officer find a mutual attraction, but what will happen if the officer finds out about the other man’s past?

Willa Okati: Mighty Casey – Sometimes a surprise is more than you bargained for, and love ends up on the line. Baseball is the featured sport in this male/male romance.

I realize this list is heavy on male/male books, but hey, that’s what See the Light and Hiding In Plain Sight are, so naturally I’d be more drawn to them. Loose Id has a lot to offer, though. Take a look around the website. Additionally, some of these are series books, so be sure to look for the other books that are part of the same series!

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