CONTEST: Missed Connections, July 5, 6 and 7

Inspired by our fabulous Missed Connections collection, we’re offering you a chance to win a date with one (book) that got away.

Missed Connections grew out of the practice of posting Craigslist ads about people you saw and wish you’d met or talked to or asked out but for whatever reason, you didn’t. Frex:

I was southbound. You were on the northbound platform. Friday, 5:30. You: guitar case, shades, black leather duster and a copy of The Story of O carried like a badge of honor. Me: a tiny red dress and nothing else. Went clubbing, but I should’ve gotten off the train. I’ll be at Poison Pen, Sunday, 10:30-4:30, white t, jeans, red bra, and a copy of The New Bottoming Book at the edge of my table. Take a chance? 

So, how do you enter? Write your own Missed Connections ad and post it to the comments on this blog post before midnight on the 7th. We’ll pick at least 4 winners to receive one of the Missed Connections titles and an older book in our catalog that they ‘missed connections’ with. Depending on entries, there may be one or more special prizes to go along with it.

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Don’t miss your connection. Enter to win today!

12 thoughts on “CONTEST: Missed Connections, July 5, 6 and 7

  1. I saw you every weekday morning on the 6:30 am train Northbound to Shady Grove for a month. You were always impeccably dressed in a suit, tie, and brown leather case with you. Some days you read, others you were busy on a tablet. Our eyes et most days but I always quickly looked away, sure that you would have no interest in me personally. I would watch you through my lashes as I pretended to read my Kindle. I usually wore blue dresses. I’m brunette and slender. I haven’t seen you recently . Will you be back?

  2. I was working and you had just came into the ER with your sick friend. I was wearing blue scrubs and a long lab coat while drawing his blood. You had on some worn jeans, polo, and large headphones around your neck. We joked about the purple tape I used on your sickly buff football buddy who could not have cared less. I will be volunteering at the hospital’s annual cookout on Thursday all afternoon, hopefully I will see you again!

  3. It was the 10:00 screening of LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE at Sunday Flicks on campus. You and I were throwing paper at each other, just like everybody else. It was a pretty intense match, but we called it a draw. You walked up to me, shook my hand, and offered to have me sit with you. I told you I felt guilty because my girlfriends were saving me a seat (the place was packed). Thinking about your sweet smile and sparkly hazel eyes, I began to regret my “chicks before dicks” policy. As I remember that night sixteen years later, I still do. I’ve never wanted to go to a college reunion before, but for you, I would. I’ll go to the next one if you do…and maybe then I’ll finally learn your name.

  4. Philadelphia airport January 10, 2014 Terminal A security line. We were both wearing black bomber jackets and jeans. After placing our jackets in those grey plastic bins with all our travel gear, you were chosen for the whole body scanner. I surreptitiously oogled your amazing biceps, awesome abs and tight butt while I was patted down by an overweight disgruntled TSA employee. You watched me and shrugged in commiseration. After that brief interlude we both picked up one another’s plastic bins in error. After laughing and switching bins, you smiled at me and then rushed off to catch your international flight. I wished I had spoken to you. I will be traveling through Philadelphia on Friday. I’d love to be scanned with you.

  5. I saw you Tuesday morning at the pet supply place at Main and Oak. Amazon goddess, you bought the little tabby in the window. I wore ragged cut-offs and a jeweled belly ring. I’ll be at the pet place on Friday at 10:00 a.m. Meet me?

  6. I was in line behind you at the grocery store. You were buying beer, cheese sticks, and chocolate cake. I commented on your purchases and you smiled at me. Why didn’t I get up the courage to ask for your number then?

  7. Look you might remember me as the one who put you into hospital last Friday after that little altercation and misunderstanding at the Connections nightclub? I would love to meet up for a coffee and to explain my side of what happened, before the police arrived and you were taken away by ambulance. I would love to have a chance to know you better and I am sure we have a lot in common as we both like arm wrestling and drinking shots, but maybe this time no arm wresting and just a coffee or two? Lets meet up at the Costa coffee shop at the Grand Arcade on Wednesday at 12.00 noon. I should be able to recognised you from your arm cast, but I wont be wearing a cat suit this time 😉

  8. I see you a few times a week as we stand on the train platform heading in different directions. I remember the day I was struggling to get mt tote loop untangled from my coat button. I don’t know if you smiled because it was funny or you thought I was crazy. I would love to grab a latte with you and see if I can make you smile again, only this time with my wit. No coats allowed!

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