Contest: Leela Lou Dahlin’s Rosy Writer Bouquets

It’s Loose Id’s 10th birthday and I’m so happy and excited to celebrate it. I released my debut novella A Haught Date this past April and I just want to thank Loose Id and all its readers by having a giveaway.


I love beautiful things and I love to write so having these pretty pens is a dual pleasure. I’m giving away a bouquet of 10 + 2 to grow on Rosy Writer Ink Pen Bouquet – 12 flowers in all in rainbow or assorted.


To enter just leave a comment saying what is one of your favorite Loose Id books  and if you’d like the rainbow or assorted bouquet. I’d say one of my favorites is Ultimate Kink by Cameron Dane.

Feel free to leave a happy birthday to Loose Id here on Twitter @LoveUnleashed or on Facebook Loose Id.

Winner will be randomly chosen July 30th 2014 – For all others there is a 20% off Rosy Writer Bouquets coupon for use now and throughout August using the code HAPPYBDAYLOOSEID  at the checkout

​Leela Lou Dahlin​

2 thoughts on “Contest: Leela Lou Dahlin’s Rosy Writer Bouquets

  1. One of my favorite loose id titles is Master Delacroix by Tristan Ann Michaels, and if I won the bouquet I would love the rainbow.

  2. one of my favorite books is Vexing Voss by Gail Koger. thank you for the chance at such a great contest. i would love to have the rainbow bouquet. Happy Birthday to Loose ID.

    Tammy Ramey

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