Call for Requests: It’s About You!

It’s new year, and we’ve got a new theme:


That’s right. This year, Loose Id is all about you, our Iddies — our family, friends, and fans. You know all about us, and now it’s time for us to get to know you.

To kick things off, we have a Very Idportant Question for you.

Yes, yes, yes, you’re exhausted, hungover, watching parades, kids, football, binging on Netflix and leftover party foods. Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda are about the speed your brain is working at. It’s an easy question, though, and it comes with rewards.

See, this is a very special submission call. Instead of Treva and Allie telling our authors what to write for our summer beach read collection, YOU get to.

Wait. What?

Yes, you read that right. And no, I’m not lying when I say it’s easy. Take thirty seconds to think about your favorite books. Now, tell me, in just a few words:


What’s a trope? Things like “rags to riches” or “fish out of water” or “friends to lovers”. You know, the “story” you’ll read again and again without getting bored as long as the details are different. Here’s a list from Mindy Klasky at and if you have WAY too much time on your hands, you could check out: TVTropes.

When I’ve got a list of YOUR favorite tropes, our authors will start writing. No guarantees, but we’ll do our best to get at least one story per trope to stock your beach bag e-reader.

Ready? Set. Go! (Just post ’em here in the comments.)

Note: One trope per Iddie, please. Feel free to suggest to friends if you’ve got more than one. Try not to get too specific, as authors will have to disregard any details to avoid copyright issues.

Second, More Interesting Note: A couple of lucky Iddies will win a free book of their choosing. The more Iddies who comment, the more books I’ll give away.



73 thoughts on “Call for Requests: It’s About You!

  1. I can not get enough of friends to lovers stories. The grown up as best friends or my big brothers best friend I’ve always had a crush on.

  2. Friends to lovers is my favorite because I did it once. It didn’t work out but it was fun because by the time we gave in to the spark, we already knew each other pretty well. I also like the “trapped together” trope. (I don’t know if it’s an actual trope or I just made it up.) Someone wrote a Silhouette years ago with a couple who meet as part of a sequestered jury, and I just thought that was wildly exciting.

    Not bad for someone doped up on cold meds, huh? 🙂

    1. Already got Friends to Lovers from @CharnelChante, so we’ll put you down for “Trapped Together”. It’s totally a trope and one of my favorites!

  3. I’m the classic category reader. If I had to pick the trope, marriage of convenience. I like watching two people fall in love after the ceremony.

    Marika Weber

    1. So, do you mean both lovers as a mature couple or one of them younger? (Both are awesome, but I need to clarify for my tropes.)

  4. I love a story that has it all (suspense, laughter, sadness, enlightenment and HEAT!) but most often has a kick ass heroine who isn’t afraid to laugh at her own missteps/mistakes. One strong in mind as much as body, who could care less if she screws up and someone laughs. She KNOWS she’s got things-even when others don’t.

      1. Yes, but all around Badass Heroine. Smart enough though to know when they need a hand and aren’t too proud to ask for some. 🙂

    1. Hm. That’s less of a trope than a topic. Is there anything particular you really like about them? Is it the fact that they’re working together, or partners, or what’s the story piece that makes it work for you? 🙂

    1. We’ve already got gay for you, Ruby! And military/ex-military isn’t really a trope. It’s a topic or a detail. Maybe take a look at that TVTropes list and see if there’s one in there that is what you really love about military romances? 🙂

  5. Grown and Sexy, and/or Reunited and it Feels So Good. I don’t know, as I age, I’m loving to read more and more stories about older couples. 40s, 50s and even 60s. I also love reunion stories where couples have divorced or separated and then get back together.

  6. Nearly losing the person they love makes them release/admit to their feelings for them. It kind of goes with the hurt/comfort thingy which is my personal favourite but I think that one’s been taken.

  7. Enemies to lovers-mm, Gay for you, HEA, oops I’m pregnant-mm, Tattoos/hard ass-MM or Mf. Good I love books with these themes, oh I love tention a lot of build up, not the I love you in a week!

    1. LOL. Happy baby-times! Hm, I’ve got Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Gay for You. How about “First Time Gay”?

  8. I love Geeks Find Love. Is that a trope? If not it could be merged into Accidental Pregnancy. I prefer the male half of the couple to be the geek, but don’t mind the female being one. Humor is a must. 😉

    1. Geek and Jock is sort of a subset of Opposites Attract. And Out for You is a subset of Gay for You. They’re both tropes in their own right. Do you prefer Geek and Jock?

    1. Not too late! 🙂 We’re only taking submissions for the tropes, though, so while I can use UST for the call, I can’t specify mmf or no bdsm. The idea is to let the authors know what story tropes people like to read, rather than what genres. Although I can certainly use that information in other contexts, so thanks for sharing!

  9. Revenge trope, especially when it’s the hero seeking it against the heroine, bonus-when he realizes just ho wrong he was, there’s lots of atonement and forgiveness seeking.

    And even though this isn’t a trope, can I ask for more Femdom/alpha male submissive BDSM stories, pretty please? So tired of all the maledom stuff I could scream, and not interested in the sissy-male, humiliation or cuckolding stories. And they can get really fun when you mix with a trope or two, like military male who is only submissive for you, or reunion with the best friend’s sibling with mistaken identity.

    1. Hey Sur. Revenge it is!

      I hear you about the FemDomme. We’ve had a couple of really good ones this year. Do you need recommendations?

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