BTB: The Wikomsette by Emerald Lavere

Behind the Book: The Wikomsette

by Emerald Lavere

(Note this is an article about the inspiration behind the story, not about who was behind The Wikomsette, which could have been any number of her husbands depending on the night of the week.)

The Wikomsette is my first published work. At first I thought the idea for a woman with many husbands came from watching The Bachelorette show, to which I admit an unhealthy addiction. What would it be like if the Bachelorette did not have to tearfully send so many of those sweet, handsome, charming men home? What if she could keep all the ones she liked?

But then I went back further, to my high school years over two decades ago. One day my friends and I conversed about what kind of men we’d like to marry. I had my heart set on a piano player. The poor artsy type. He would play for me in the evenings while I danced (which has been a lifelong passion of mine) and we’d be madly in love. One of my girlfriends pointed out how impractical this was, since a girl can’t live on music. In my mind, the quick solution was to have a second husband who was very wealthy to support the pianist and me. But why stop there? If I was going to have more than one husband, I might as well add a masseur and a chef to what I termed my “male harem”.

How did this idea come so easily to me? Well, I realized that the concept had started even earlier in life. As far back as first and second grade I was having recurring dreams of simultaneous boyfriends. I blame this on watching old movies, with the likes of Marilyn Monroe slinking around onstage surrounded by the adoring gazes of handsome men. She was singing about diamonds, but to me the treasures were already there—in sharp black tuxedos.

If I want to take one more step, even further back; I was three years old when I declared myself “in love” with a beautiful, older boy of four. The blond haired, blue eyed cutie and I, shared a babysitter.

I can only conclude that I have been “boy crazy” since birth.

So how was the story, The Wikomsette, born?  When I hit the years of a woman’s sexual peak, I needed an outlet for my “man crazy” energy. Of course there is much more in the book than a woman taking pleasure from a number of men devoted to her. There are more topical issues involved as well, such as the role of woman in our society and the value given to females in various cultures. But, at its heart, is the story of a lonely woman who learns to revel in the similarities, and wonderful uniqueness, of several men.


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One quirky/interesting thing about Emerald Lavere:

Emerald Lavere used to work as a dancer. Her first professional job was in a song and dance revue for Playboy Enterprises. During that time, she finally learned to appreciate the curvacious figure which had kept her out of professional ballet.


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