BTB: The Demon You Know

Behind the Book: The Demon You Know by Barbara Elsborg

The Demon You Know
Cover art for Barbara Elsborg’s The Demon You Know

My latest MM ‘The Demon You Know’ was released on the 28th April. For once, I didn’t have to think too hard about where to set my story because this one starts in hell which meant I could describe it just as I liked. I did read the first part of Dante’s Inferno to see what he came up with and I liked the idea of different levels of suffering. Ezra is on the least painful level, though it’s still pretty bad.
Of course everyone’s hell is going to be slightly different. My hell would be a small island populated by snakes and me, and encircled by ravenous sharks. Oh and it would have to be cold because I like the sun. And the only thing to drink would be milk because I hate milk.
Ezra’s hell is hot, full of snakes and spiders and vindictive, vicious demons out to make his life as unpleasant as possible. Everywhere in hell there are clocks loudly ticking away the time. I was thinking of Chinese water torture when I came up with that. A constant noise would drive me mad. I have to have silence when I write and silence when I try to sleep.
I don’t actually believe in hell but I think I’d better start being good, just in case!

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