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If I were to think of a song to describe Dean’s emotions throughout the story thinking it would be Stay by Rihanna ft Mkikky Ekko. Despite their issues he knows he wants her to stay with him, be with him. Despite his inability to break down the walls he’s erected to keep himself safe he doesn’t just want her to stay with him but he needs her. They can argue and fight and he struggles to breach the gap but he needs her to remain with him. Carrie has been healing him and giving him a reason to come home after his hunts instead of just going on autopilot. He and his dragon truly can’t live without her. She is their purpose. Their mate.

With Carrie’s emotions the song Say Something by A Great Big World ft Christina Aguilera comes to mind. All she wants is for Dean to open up to her, let her in. To say something, anything because she’s losing hope in him, in them. She doesn’t want to go, she doesn’t want to leave but at the same time she can’t keep going on as things are. It hurts her and hurts them. She is his mate and to her that means not being shut out even on the smaller things.




The songs:

Rihanna ft Mikky Echo’s Stay


Say Something by A Great Big World ft Christina Aguilera

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