BTB: Reality Bites by Gail Koger & Contest

Behind the Book: Reality Bites

by Gail Koger

How did I come up with all the alien critters in Reality Bites? Have you seen the spiders in Arizona? They’re BIG!  Really big and creepy. Like the Wolf spider. Hairy as bigfoot and as fast as a barracuda. Their green eyes shine in the dark. At night my yard turns into something out of a horror movie. I never venture into the backyard without a can of Raid in each hand. Don’t get me started on the sneaky scorpions and rattlesnakes. Did you know scorpions will chase you? Those little suckers are fast. Ever found a bad tempered rattlesnake, coiled and ready to strike? I have.

Karoo, the villain of my story, is an Askole assassin. He’s my nightmare come to life. What can I say? My psyche can be a scary place. One night Karoo just showed up. I almost peed my pants. His icky Medusa-like tentacles squirmed about his snakelike features. Karoo’s compelling yellow-green eyes burned with a cold intelligence. He hung over my bed and displayed his really awesome fangs. Thankfully, Jaylan came to my rescue and chased him off.

My hero is one hot dude. Jaylan’s black battle suit fits him like a glove, emphasizing every bulging muscle. Yum. Too bad he’s fixated on catching Bree.

Bree never thought her dimwit act, military grade mace, cattle prod, or dumping a ton of stinky manure on Jaylan’s head would encourage his pursuit. Who knew a Coletti warlord would think being zapped with a cattle prod as foreplay?  Or a clever opponent only heightened his  enjoyment of the chase?

Bree’s ability to collect psychic alien creatures is phenomenal. Just call her Doctor Doolittle. The baby Barats, Cokie and Rio, are a mishmash of scorpion and tarantula. I based their personalities on my dogs, Sam and Roxy; who are slightly nuts, inquisitive, and very lovable. How in the hell does she handle venomous critters in her hair without totally freaking?  Easy. In her mind, they’re her kids, and she won’t let anyone hurt them.

I merged a rattlesnake with a crocodile and created Rami, a teenager with an attitude. She’s from the planet Derak which is populated by a species of psychic snakes that have the ability to create mini wormholes. She’s totally grossed out by Jaylan’s and Bree’s mating practices and lets them know it.

How do Bree and Jaylan handle “the birds and the bees speech” when the little guys pop in after that important moment?

“Whatcha doin’?” Rio’s curiosity vied with worry.

Bree squelched a whimper.  “Talk about bad timing.”

“You’re the one insisting on adopting them,” Jaylan groused.

“I know.”

Cokie pounced on Jaylan’s head with her stinger held high. “Are you hurting Momma Bree?”

“No! Do not sting Daddy Jaylan. He isn’t hurting me.”

“You screamed.” Rio’s stinger quivered.

“They are mating.” Rami’s revulsion was quite obvious.

Rio and Cokie peered at Bree. “What mating?”

“You want to explain it to them, Studley Do Right?”

“No. It’s the mother’s job to teach the young.” Jaylan slid his penis out of Bree.

“Snake, Daddy Jaylan!” Cokie cried in alarm.

“Me kill it.” Rio charged down Jaylan’s chest.

Rami hissed in delight.

Jaylan quickly scooped up Rio. “I need my snake to mate.”



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