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Welcome to the Loose Id blog. Today, I’ve got a Behind the Book post sure to entice and excite you! I’ve got a great list of author questions and topics for guest blogs that I’ve compiled from lots of sources over the years, and one that really intrigued me but that I haven’t tackled yet was the question Which actors would you choose to play your characters in the movie of your book?

I really love this question. A lot of times when I start a book, I start with who my characters are as opposed to the whole plot of the book. My latest, To Sir, was a bit different. I started with the opening scene, really the opening line of the book, which is Domestic discipline needed…. I knew right from go with this book that it would be about an author who decides to try her hand at writing BDSM fiction. And I knew what the opening scene was, and that my main character was named Liz. But other than that, I had nothing at first.

I’m a very visual person, so after I had the concept down, I went in search of photos for my characters, and this time I turned to actors. Sometimes I use a talent agency website or magazines for help with character bios, but I knew almost instantly who I wanted to use for Liz, and for her Dom, Chase.


Liz is undoubtedly Kristin Kreuk   Liz Clark Now you might remember Kristin from Smallville on which she played Lana Lang for many years. Not my favorite character, mind you, but when I imagined Liz, this is the face that immediately came to mind, and she was just perfect for Liz Clark. I knew I needed someone who was a little like Girl Next Door meets Sex Kitten Librarian, and Kristin just totally fit the bill.

And then it was time for me to figure out what Chase looked like. He was immediately a 3-D character inside my head. A Dom, in every sense of the word, even though his entire life is on the brink of falling apart at the beginning of the book. I knew immediately one of the most dominant guys I’d seen on screen in quite some time. Channing Tatum! I mean, hello, ladies! Did you not see Magic Mike? Yowza!

Chase I mean, just look at those eyes…. Can you say penetrating!? 


So there you have it. If they ever made a movie version of To Sir, this is who I would want cast.

I mean, wouldn’t they be great together?

images  Chase

My, my, that’s a lot of leather, ladies & gents! As you can see, this is a little bit more Domme Sex Kitten than Girl Next Door, but that’s a big part of who Liz is.

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