BTB: Mychael Black’s Eostre’s Baskets: The Candlewood Wraith


It’s no secret that music inspires the majority of my stories. The Candlewood Wraith is no exception. The entire story came about through my love of Wuthering Heights… and an Ozzy Osbourne song. You can read Wuthering Heights on the Project Gutenberg website:

If you’ve never heard ‘Diary of a Madman,’ you need to listen to it here:  Listen to the lyrics. The first several opening seconds are what triggered the story, and the lyrics helped shaped everything else. While you listen, close your eyes and imagine an old, dilapidated house looming in a forest clearing. The place is falling apart, literally. A few windows are boarded, others aren’t. Inside, everything is covered in cobwebs and two centuries of dust.

That image sparked an entire story. I had the song on repeat during the writing process and through edits. Whenever I hear it now, I see Noah Cunningham’s home. I’ve always had a love of such places, always wondered what sort of stories and lives those people lived. This time, I got the chance to tell one such story.

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