BTB: Men of Alaska 2: Sterling Sunshine by Cheryl Dragon

Men of Alaska 2: Sterling Sunshine

by Cheryl Dragon

Men of Alaska 1 proved people love not only big ménage but Alaska! A friend and reader of mine had moved (at least for part of the year) to Alaska. She read book 1… (Why I foolishly didn’t ask her to beta read it, I have no idea.)

But boy was I nervous when I got that email! I had researched but was SO relieved and happy when she approved the story. Even better, she offered to beta read my future Alaska books so everything is correct going forward and she can add tidbits of info that might apply.

FYI: She liked book 2 even more than book 1!! I was doubly relieved.

In book one, Gretchen was a sad character who’d been out of work for at least a year. A pretty relatable situation for many. As a bbw, she was using food to cope. But (spoiler alert!) at the end she gets a job and stays in Sterling…so in book 2, we see her working super hard and learning the town. Still plus size but she’s busy and juggling a trio of hunks who need the right women!

My research for this project included bush pilots, wolves, and something called the Homer Spit. Also men being photographed for a promotional events 😉 Such hard work.

My beta reader taught me the difference between a reindeer and a caribou…there is one, sort of!

She also inspired a bit of my next Men of Alaska book by sharing a picture of a pretty flower that sounds anything but: fireweed. It’s really beautiful!

Every Alaska book teaches me something new and I can’t to write Bethany’s story. She’s a bit wilder than her friends!


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