BTB: Men of Alaska 1: Sterling New Year by Cheryl Dragon

Men of Alaska 1: Sterling New Year

by Cheryl Dragon

The men of Alaska started with a holiday sub call. The idea for New Year’s Eve wedding was sparked. Being a bridesmaid isn’t easy. Traveling for a wedding isn’t always fun either. Melody is the maid of honor and the dress maker…and she has to drag all that stuff up to Alaska and finish the dresses in the back of a boat repair shop.

Melody is a good friend. All you want is to make that bachelorette party/bridal shower/ wedding day perfect. But there are these three hot guys who own the boat repair shop where she’s spending a lot of time sewing/fitting/perfecting the dresses).

This is such fun! I have to be tough on my characters at times so they are challenged and grow.

The other weird thing is ménage is normal here…the bride is sort of marrying two men. Hey, Alaska has a lot more men than women and it’s a pretty dangerous place. Historically even more so. Thus, ménage has become a tradition in this little town…

Melody is fairly jaded about marriage and men. So she not only has to fall for the guys but the town. She’d never uproot her life and relocate for a man! But three hot men, a great town, and a needed change in her life…she’s stubborn but not stupid.


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