BTB – Maon: Marshal of Tallav by Cailin Briste

Behind the Book – Maon: Marshal of Tallav
by Cailin Briste

Before I begin writing a book, I spend months with my characters, imagining scenes and dialogue. It’s like a movie playing in my head. By the time a book is complete, the hero is especially vivid in my imagination. With such an intimate knowledge of my leading men and what they physically look like, you’d think it would be difficult to select actors to play their roles in a fantasy film. That hasn’t been the case.

Joe Manganiello was a perfect fit for Shane in Shane: Marshal of Tallav. Tall and muscular – check. Long dark hair – check. Oozes dominance – check. Deep voice that makes you want to drop to your knees before he even demands it – check.

It couldn’t be that easy with Maon. But after entering his physical characteristics into Google image search and scrolling through the results, BAM, there he was. Bradley Cooper. You may think I had him in mind all along as I wrote Maon: Marshal of Tallav. I swear I didn’t.

It’s uncanny how so many of Cooper’s photos reveal different aspects of Maon’s personality. Prankster.  Scorching hot lover. There’s even a pic of Cooper holding a baby. Important, because Maon is above all else an awesome father and husband.

One image I never discovered and would pay to see—Bradley as Maon wearing a thong and sauntering through the Whip Hand, the BDSM club found in the Sons of Tallav series. Maon calls Selina sweet cheeks, but the man has a mighty appealing posterior of his own.

I have Pinterest boards for each of the novels with pics of the characters and settings. Visit to discover who I selected for the female leads in my fantasy casts.


Cailin Briste

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Maon: Marsal of Tallav is available at Loose Id, Amazon, and wherever fine e-books are sold.

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