BTB: Love Shack: Blake’s Home by Cheryl Dragon

Love Shack, Shifters, and Gay Men…


It can be really weird how ideas merge together. I wanted to write something about gay men working on ranches. Cowboys are hot. But the ranches, if you’re talking about big working ranches in cattle country, they’re huge! The ranches aren’t near town or even each other when you’re talking about hundreds or thousands of acres. So it’s not like a gay bar is convenient.

I like accuracy in my contemporary books. So I took a cue from the B-52s and made a love shack. Err…old pole barn which serves as an emergency shelter as well as a bar for the men enjoy themselves nearby. It sits on the corner of 4 big ranches so there is social crossover and fresh men ☺

My other problem was the hero’s secret. (Some books are easy…some aren’t. This one challenged me.) Blake isn’t really hiding that he’s gay. He might not be in a back room Love Shack orgy but it’s not secret. He’s had a very rough life so he’s clinging to this job/place that makes him feel safe and secure. He works hard. But there’s something else…

The shifter element for Blake solved all the riddles and whys of his behavior. I was a tad reluctant because the other hero isn’t a shifter. A wealthy ranch son’s owner falling for a penniless ranch hand is hot enough. Now we have a shifter angle too! (Head hits desk…)

I know some authors mash things together on purpose…to be on trend. This isn’t one of those books. It was Blake’s deep dark truth. His secret shame and fear. Luckily, shifters are pretty much as plentiful as gay men around the ranches. They just aren’t always as out about it.

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