BTB: Love Match by Keira Andrews

Behind the Book: Love Match

by Keira Andrews

When I was laid off from my day job in the summer of 2005, the silver lining was that I could watch much more of Wimbledon than usual. I’d been a tennis fan since the ’80s, when dreamy Swede Stefan Edberg made my teenaged heart skip a beat. By 2005 I was also a big fan of male/male romance, and watching Wimbledon that summer I had a thought: What would happen if two players on the professional tennis tour fell in love? No male tennis player had ever come out, and I thought the scenario would be perfect for drama and romance.
I’d written my fair share of fan fiction for my favorite shows, and since I was out of work, I thought it was high time I wrote my own novel. So from watching the players battle on the grass of Wimbledon that summer, Love Match was born. I crafted the story to follow a season on the tennis tour, hitting the four Grand Slam tournaments — the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. Veteran Luke and rookie Jesse struggled with their careers, and also with their burgeoning and highly inconvenient feelings for one other.
Writing my first book was a milestone, and I was thrilled when Loose Id accepted it only two days after I submitted it. Loose Id had faith in me, and it’s been wonderful working with them all these years.


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