BTB: Lily Edwards’s Eostre’s Baskets: Kick the Past

LE_EB_KickthePast_coverlgSometimes a song puts an image in your head that’s so strong it lingers for years. The working title for Kick the Past was “Someday Out of the Blue”.

Someday out of the blue/In a crowded street or a deserted square
I’ll turn and I’ll see you/As if our love were new

Gabby and Austin’s story started out that way, an image of two people who had once been close meeting again unexpected across a deserted square. Their eyes meet, the sparks fly and it’s like no time has passed at all. However, even with the image so clearly in my mind’s eye, I knew that wouldn’t be the end of the story, just where it started again. What forced them apart? Was it something that could be overcome and let them start again?

The final title comes from another song from the same soundtrack: “Looking back makes me shiver. Don’t be scared to kick the past.” Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth, a chance for the past to be washed away and new chances to be taken. So it was the perfect time for Gabby and Austin to have their meeting and start again.

Inevitably, mention that there’s a soundtrack, people want to hear it, so here’s mine. You’ll notice it includes a lot of Elton John. I’m not sorry.!/playlist/Kick+The+Past/96654605

The Panic in Me – Elton John

One and Only – Adele

Trust Me – Elton John

Without Question – Elton John

Let Me Let Go – Faith Hill

Friends Never Say Goodbye –  Elton John (feat. Backstreet Boys)

Don’t You Remember – Adele

Someday Out of the Blue – Elton John

The Middle  – Jimmy Eats World

A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

Everywhere – Michelle Branch


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