BTB: Kelly Wyre’s Fight

I wrote FIGHT to get over a broken heart. I had lost someone dear to me in extremely painful circumstances, and I needed to write something that reminded me of the good in people, in love, and in the world. I wanted to focus on truth, how it’s not easy to discover and even harder to be honest about it. Love, second chances, honesty, determination, overcoming the odds… all the things I believed in and all the things I needed to remember in order to get over the hurt.

In many ways, Nathan and Fury saved pieces of my life. They were there for me, demanding that I write them as purely as possible, and, as you might imagine, writing a love story when one’s been kicked in the teeth and kneecaps by someone you thought you could trust is… challenging. We’ll call it challenging. At times, it felt damn near impossible, but I loved the men, I loved the story, and I always like difficult roads. I swear… if something’s easy, I start to think someone’s trying to sell me ocean front property in Oklahoma.

While writing the book, I had a soundtrack for the characters and for the story, itself. Here’s a few of the songs…

The club song for the opening sequence of the novel


A song for Nathan


A song for Fury


A song for the two of them


And last but not least… the song that I consider “their” song. For Nate and Fury… thank you, gentlemen.


And here’s a trailer for the novel that helped me mend and that will, I hope, give hope to those who need it or be a good read on a peaceful day.


Light & love to you and yours,



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