BTB: Katey Hawthorne’s Missed Connections: Superpowered Love: In Distress


So when I got the idea for In Distress, it was Eddie who came to me first. Eddie Kim, unabashed lover of boy-attention, former sleeparound, gender fluid barista extraordinaire… who is also a massive nerd who likes to fantasize about being the ‘damsel’ in distress. Hey, nothing wrong with wanting to be swept off your feet, right?

One of the best thing about fantasies is the many shapes they can take. Writing, artwork, dreams gifted to us by our subconscious, fandom obsessions, blogs, collections–hey, they can even lead to serious academic work on the whys and wherefores of certain genres, tropes, etc. Fantasies we want for ourselves, like Eddie and his, or just general fantasizing about a story we’d like to see explored or that’d intrigue or mean something to us.

Thinking of the shape Eddie’s fantasies mostly came out in, however, I took a slightly different path than what most would consider ‘usual’ and went with RP. Yeah, that’s RolePlaying, but not in the bedroom sense–which is also awesome, but not what’s going on with In Distress. Eddie is a Dungeons & Dragons addict, and his current campaign character, a Paladin called Faendrohir, is the knight in shining armor to the other members of his party. In particular a certain rogue, played by Eddie’s (totally platonic) friend Stacy, Aearonlinn.

True story: Faen and Aearon are characters my friend John and I respectively invented ages ago for a game of ours–sans the personal identifying Eddie is partaking of here, but hey–and he kindly gave me permission to use Faen in In Distress.

Nerdy? Hell yes. Awesomely fun? Also hell yes. And Eddie embraces both joyfully. So that is the ‘behind the book’ for that little detail.



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