BTB: Kaitlin Maitland’s Missed Connections: Kiss Cam Connection


When we asked Kaitlin Maitland to share a little bit about her upcoming book, Kiss Cam Connection, from the Missed Connections collection, this is what she had to say:

When asked to come up with a story idea based around a Craigslist Missed Connections ad, my first reaction was a laugh. Here in St. Louis, Craigslist ads are a joke of sorts. One local radio show even does a segment called “Craigslist Freak of the Week”. Still, the first thing that popped into my head was a scene I’d watched play out on the megascreen at a St. Louis Cardinals game the night before.

My favorite part of every baseball game experience is the Kiss Cam. A good Kiss Cam moment is like peeking into the relationship behind the public image. Couples usually try to look “happy” out in public. Kissing their supposed sweetheart in front of thousands usually rips away the facade.

Does someone get overenthusiastic and slobbery? Is one person eager and the other reluctant? How about the cold, uncomfortable peck? Do they look like first graders forced to kiss for a photo op? How close do they get? Do their noses bump awkwardly? And what happens when the camera guy gets it wrong?

That night at Busch Stadium, the camera guy picked a couple that really looked like a couple. They weren’t aware that they were on screen at first. Their bodies were canted toward each other. They were amicably sharing the armrest. They just looked comfortable together. Until someone nudged the guy and both realized they were on camera. Both drew back and the woman waved her hands to indicate they weren’t together.

That’s when I started wondering what might have happened if they’d just let the kiss happen. What if the chemistry was there and the whole audience could see it? What if their lips touched and they forgot about being watched by strangers and just got lost in the sparkly feeling of brand new attraction?

I mean really, who wouldn’t want to experience that instant zap of longing? Don’t we all want that moment? Even if we already have a complicated and possibly dying love life. No, especially if we have that! How amazing would it be to find a spicy ingredient that would rescue us from boring monotony and breathe new life into our lagging personal relationship? I’d say answering a missed connection ad isn’t much to ask if the reward is one in a million.


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