BTB: Jules Jones’s Nice Tie

Sometimes a story seed takes a little time to grow. Nice Tie had its genesis in an online conversation amongst a group of Torchwood fans about pretty men in pretty suits, the many ways of doing up a tie, and the hotness of watching said tying. A few days later, someone reported having had a gorgeous guy sit down in one of the sideways-facing seats on the bus, and proceed to put on his tie in front of her. The ensuing conversation would probably scare a fair number of men into making sure their ties were properly done up before they left home. 🙂

I wrote a short fanfic story as a present for the friend who’d started this, although it turned into a meditation on remembrance and Armistice Day, rather than the cheerful tie fetish porn I’d intended to write. And I thought that was that.

And then four years later, I’d recovered from a long bout of medical problems and started working again on my urban fantasy novel when… this story idea followed me home.

A man with a kink for watching a hot guy do up a tie. Who commutes by bus, and often sees the same people on his commute. He’s discreet, but what happens when his latest fantasy fodder catches him at it? Someone whom it turns out is a new contact at work, so there’s no avoiding each other? I jotted down 200 words or so of story notes before the idea could escape. A couple of days later I scribbled some very rough text for the opening scene. That evening another friend posted a link to the PicoWriMo community, an offshoot of NaNoWriMo. I thought I could probably manage 150 words a day for the next month, and it would be a good way to get down a chunk of this novelette about a tie fetishist that had just taken over my brain.

150 words a day? Well, from my blog post on the third day: “Thursday – 316 words. Friday, 1040 total, 734 new. Today, 2611 total, 1561 new words of tie fetish story, and I’m only stopping because my arms *hurt*…”

I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. 20,000 words by month’s end. And as I wrote, the story unfolded for me. New details about these two men, about who they were. There was an obvious source of conflict in the professional conflict of interest, but I found more layers. More backstory for the main characters. And finally more backstory for the antagonist character, the final piece I needed to make this story a full scale novel. It took me another few months to write the rest of it, but by the end of that month that tiny seed had unpacked into a complex structure that I desperately needed to write.

Four years from seed sown to story concept blooming. But I think it was worth the wait.

* * *

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