BTB: Jock Auction by Alex Pendragon

Behind the Book: Jock Auction
by Alex Pendragon

When I explain Jock Auction to potential readers, I tell them it has a pretty straightforward premise: sometimes, you don’t realize what you want until it gets thrown right at you. Fantasizing about the hot, straight guy who turns out to be not quite as straight as you – or he – believed may not be a shortcut to companionship, but it certainly makes for a fun story.

Like I’d guess a lot of people who grew up gay or bisexual, I fell for my fair share of straight guys in high school and college. Even when you don’t find yourself in trouble with people who can’t get their head around LGBTQ rights, you can just as easily get yourself into trouble lusting over friend and classmates who simply aren’t wired to think of you the same way.

Happily, when the guys are my own creation, I get to tweak the wiring as I see fit. For Kyle and Craig, the main characters in Jock Auction, that meant showing sexy jock Kyle that he isn’t as 100% straight as he might have thought, and coaxing shy, gay, geeky Craig out of his shell and into taking the reins of his love life.

The result is plenty of soul searching, a little youthful angst, and a whole lot of steamy experimentation – not necessarily in that order!


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