BTB: Iris Astres’s Eostre’s Baskets: Hot Bod in a Basket

IA_EB_HotBodinaBasket_coverinWe asked Iris to tell us a little bit about what lay behind her fantastic, fun and steamy Hot Bod in a Basket. This is what she told us:

As a reader I’m a sucker for a magic anything, so when I read the Easter call from Loose Id, I was keen to give the lovely Eostre and her magic basket thing a try. Of course, there had to be a Bod in the story—one of my sexy men from planet Backus who have come to Earth to work some sexy magic of their own—so why not get the pagan goddess to send the sexy alien to the heroine’s doorstep. Voila!

Just before I started writing Hot Bod in a Basket, I’d been watching Jekyll with James Nesbitt. (Have you seen it? Do yourself a favor!) The first time we meet Mr. Hyde is just electrifying. I wanted my hero, Finn to have that same sense of energy and fun. Obviously, I needed a heroine who could appreciate the things he had to offer. When the story starts, Mairin MacClean is a recovering basket case, well deserving of the playdate on its way…

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