BTB: Inhibition-X by Bobbi Romans

Inhibition X
Is her heart right, or is her brain?

Hi all ~

I decided to make my blog post about the most common shocker I hear.

“You’ve been married how long?” Followed by a loud gasp.

This coming July my husband and I will have been married 29 years. Yes. 29.

Is love hard? Yes. Is marriage tricky? Yes. Is it worth it? YES!

Now, forsaking abusive relationships, the most common thing I see happening, are people caving too quick and calling it quits. Guess what? Its some of those UGLY moments that later morph into the glue that bonds you.

You also begin to think alike. You have more in common with them, than anyone else. They “get you” in a way, no one else quite does.

Isn’t that like romance books? YES!

Think about it. Your favorite characters. Have they gone through troubles? Yes. Hell, they’ve sprouted fur, hidden children, grown fangs and gone from wicked men to romantic saps.


So is it real life imitates fiction or fiction imitates real life?

People bet the hubs and I wouldn’t make it. Why? We married so young. We fought hard, loved hard and no matter what… made time for each other.

Personal Tidbit. My favorite anniversary to date was the year we rented a convertible for the day, took the old coastal highway down to Panama City Beach and played on the beach. We sheltered from a beautiful electrical storm (snuggling & giggling) then made our way down to a neat little tropical place on Mexico Beach for dinner.

(We’ll save the special anniversary gift my mother gave me once for another blog day. Hint: Its not your normal gift from mom. Far more X-Rated yet found in most medicine cabinets.)

In my recent release with Loose Id, Inhibition-X, Heather’s heart has hung onto a crush from her youth. One she’s never been able to shake. She accepts a once in a lifetime type trip, though nervously so, in the hopes of moving past it as her mind tells her to do. She’s kept her crush secret, not wanting to chance rocking the boat called life, which means, she’s never taken a chance.

The big question is whether her heart is right, or her brain is.

Sometimes love imprints in our souls early on… and for others, we’re surprised by what life tosses us when we least expect it.

—Bobbi Romans

PS – Inhibition-X is available at Loose Id: here, here, and All Romance Ebooks: here.

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