BTB: Emily Carrington’s A Pack of His Own: Hunter’s Claim


When I started writing in the SearchLight universe, I planned to write about genies, Jewish water dragons, and little else. I certainly didn’t want to tackle werewolves or vampires because I wasn’t sure I had anything to add to the legends of creatures who walk mostly at night. But as always happens, my characters refused to be ignored.

Hunter’s Claim started with Charlie McLaughlin, a disabled professor from SearchLight Academy who wouldn’t stay in a classroom. He’d formed a friendship with my arrogant, unlikeable—by most— water dragon seemingly behind my back. It was natural to bring him into the last book of the Dragon in Training trilogy, Dragon’s Bane.

There Charlie met SearchLight’s only psychic vampire, Luis, who has little respect for authority and no respect for dragons. Again, without my knowledge, it seemed that Charlie and Luis had met at SearchLight Academy where Luis developed an infatuation for the half werewolf professor. Thus Hunter’s Claim was born. And since Charlie brought others into the pack—Ethan Warner and Jeremy Redpath—there promise to be two more books in the Pack of His Own trilogy. The title of book two is Tracker’s Heart, and when I know the title of Jeremy’s story I’ll let you know.

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