BTB: Drinking Partners by Allie Ritch

Behind the Book: Drinking Partners
by Allie Ritch


I knew I wanted some good tension between the hero and heroine of my vampire romance, Drinking Partners (available 1/13/15 from Loose Id). Lucas and Alex are master vampires who have had to literally fight for their lives in their struggle to reach the top of the hierarchy. A certain amount of paranoia comes with the territory, as does loneliness. There’s an instant attraction between them, but trust between these two alpha personalities takes a while to build.

I wanted to capture how on edge they were with each other. For Alex, who was turned into a vampire against her will, I tried to work in a primal sense of fear along with the lust between them. Although she’s strong and brave and can kick bloodsucker ass, Alex knows exactly what the monsters can do. She cautiously reaches through the crack in the door to touch Lucas for the first time:

She hesitated. “Do you plan to come back tomorrow night?”

“Do you want me to?” He watched her so closely she checked her hood again.

Although she worried about giving him too much influence, she was more concerned that he’d leave and never come back. “Yes.”

“Then I will, but only if we shake on it.” Lucas wore a challenging smirk as he held out his hand.

Alex stared at it as if it were a wire snare. If she took his hand, would he notice hers was small and feminine? Vampires didn’t get calluses, so it wasn’t as though her smooth skin would give her away. She had a strong urge to touch him, but there was another risk.

“Do you plan to grab hold and yank me out?”

He kept his hand where it was. “I don’t need to resort to tricks.”

“You already confessed you don’t fight fair.”

His grin broadened. “Ah, but we’re not fighting, are we?

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