BTB: Draven St. James’s Eostre’s Baskets: Covert Delivery

DS_EB_CovertDelivery_coverlg Given a chance to tell us about her new book, Eostre’s Baskets: Covert Delivery, Draven had this to say:

Crafting a book is the art of bringing fantasies to life. The reader gets to place themselves in the shoes of the characters or sit and be a voyeur to the passion. Covert Delivery was kind of a gift to my friend, Morgan. I built a fantasy for him. How so? First, you should know that Morgan has the biggest desire to lick his boss from head to toe.

The core of Covert Delivery is a love story that I molded to bring Morgan’s fantasy to life. Of course it doesn’t only apply to Morgan’s desire, but anyone who has dreamed about someone they considered unattainable. Who hasn’t sat at their desk, tapping away at keys while secretly envisioning a more sensual way to fill the work day? This book is a way to experience that first forbidden kiss, that wicked heated dance, and the sweet moments in-between.

It was the first kiss that drew Morgan in so intensely when he read the rough draft. The sweetness mixed with uncertainty, all coming together to create a frenzied embrace to get lost in. Morgan has decided to give his boss the book as a gift for Easter this year. I have to wonder if the book will fulfill a fantasy that his boss currently entertains. Will Covert Delivery bring two men together in real life?

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