BTB: Crash Pad by Whitley Gray

Behind the Book: Crash Pad
By Whitley Gray


Summer is a busy time. Lots of people out and about enjoying outdoor activities, everything from sports to barbeques to basking on the beach. Working in the medical field, I know it’s also a very busy time of the year for hospitals, especially the Emergency Department. The complaints run the gamut from sunburn to serious injury.

When I set about conjuring Crash Pad, I wanted to write about an accidental meeting between two guys in a summer setting. A literal accident appealed to me, but nothing catastrophic. There was a lot of appeal in having the characters meet by crashing into each other, one on foot and the other on rollerblades.

For the first guy, I chose an Emergency Medicine doctor. Remy has a week off to train for a marathon. What’s the worst thing that can happen to Remy? He ends up at the hospital and at work during his precious time off. And to make things worse, he can’t go back to training, at least not right away.

The man on rollerblades is a massage therapist, Jamie, on the run from a past relationship. Jamie’s previous relationship was with a doctor, so he’s predisposed to be suspicious of Remy’s motivations. To add insult to actual injury, Jamie is new to town and has no one to help him.

Two guys thrown together by circumstance. Add in a dose of guilt, a need for assistance, and mutual attraction, and the stage is set:

Remy, watching his time instead of the traffic on the footpath runs headlong into novice rollerblader Jamie, who doesn’t have the skill to avoid the collision. Together they work out a deal to help each other, with a little angst and drama along the way.

I hope you enjoy reading Crash Pad as much as I did writing it.

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