BTB: Cheryl Dragon’s Eostre’s Baskets: Undercover Cruising


We asked Cheryl to tell us something about what lay behind her book, and this is what she had to say:

Truthfully, I already had the idea for Undercover Cruising before the Basket call came out but it was the perfect fit. The fantasy scenario of the person you’re crushing on happening to be on the same cruise…like its fate! That lined up perfectly with Essie’s gifts. Of course it can’t all be easy. One of these hot guys happens to be undercover!

I can be so mean to my characters sometime ☺ Hot M/M with the men stuck on a gay cruise with bad guys makes it tricky. How do you tell the good guys from bad? How does our hero, Carlos, keep his cover from Red? Even better, this particular call let me add a twist that was perfect. That touch of magic to get the perfect clue delivered at the perfect time.

Random tidbit: One of the hardest parts of this book was the odd bits of research that came up. Who has jurisdiction on a cruise ship? Well…that depends on a lot of factors. Where is the boat registered? What is the nationality of victims of any reported crimes? Did the boat dock in a US port? Since there were American victims and the boat docks at the port of Miami…the FBI would have authorization to board and conduct an investigation. I did add an Interpol agent since cruises draw an international crowd. Plus he was a fun guy for the other FBI agent to argue with!

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