BTB: Bonded by Jaymi Hanako

Behind the Book: Bonded

by Jaymi Hanako

Many writers will tell you their stories began with the hero or heroine. Mine started with the villain.

I was watching television one night when a commercial for a series came on. A woman proudly declared herself a widow, though a later clip clearly showed her husband was not dead.

What kind of woman would be so happy about her husband’s death? That was easy: a black widow. And so my villain, Lady Ethlinda, was born.

But how could her husband escape without her knowledge? Poison was part of the answer. There are toxins that can closely mimic death, to the extent that even a physician could be fooled. Still, there had to be someone who could administer the antidote and hide the intended victim. Someone close to Ethlinda. Someone whom she would not hesitate to kill in front of, yet who was also powerless to stop her directly.

That’s when I knew my heroine had to be a servant, or more precisely, a slave.

Taimi is an unlikely heroine. She’s spent her entire life oppressed by others, and certainly doesn’t know her own strengths.

When Bonded opens, she’s about to be auctioned off to a new owner after her mistress has been convicted of attempted murder. Jaren is finalizing his divorce from Ethlinda and learns of Taimi’s situation. Buying her freedom seems like a great way to repay her for saving his life, but he soon finds that on the Lorus system, things aren’t so simple.

For one thing, Taimi is being offered as a sex slave. A virgin sex slave. The auction house won’t let her leave unless Jaren claims her innocence on their grounds.

Another complication? Taimi doesn’t want to be freed. She wants him. And of course, Ethlinda isn’t about to let a little thing like prison slow her down. Especially when she hears that Jaren is finally back on her home system…

I really enjoyed writing Taimi and Jaren’s story, and I hope you’ll enjoy it, too. Bonded is a science fiction romance scheduled to release on July 29, 2014.


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