BTB: Barbara Elsborg’s Bloodline

Barbara Elsborg talks about writing her new book, Bloodline!

My first ever MM book for Loose Id is out on the 1st April and is called Bloodline. It’s also my first ever paranormal MM, although I’ve written plenty of paranormal MMFs. One of the things I love about writing is the way it allows me to make new discoveries.

For a start, I’d never heard of Grindr. A dating app for gay, bi and bi-curious men allowing them to instantly find a hook up, it was set up 5 years ago and has more users in London than any other city in the world. 950,000 There’s a version for females called Brenda and also one for straight people called Tinder. It instantly struck me that Grindr would be very useful to a gay vamp looking for a meal. Their dinner might even get sex too if they were lucky.

The other big revelation was quicksand. I’ve never forgotten the scene in Lawrence of Arabia where the boy is sucked down, nor in The Neverending Story when the horse – sob – disappears. I assumed that if you stepped into quicksand you were going down. What I didn’t realize is that quicksand doesn’t work quite like that. Because the body is less dense than the liquid sand, it’s very unlikely to sink completely. That still doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere near the stuff!

The third discovery was a personal one. It’s really hard to write follow up books when you paint yourself into corners in the first one. Bloodline follows on from Jumping in Puddles though there is no need to read Jumping to understand Bloodline. The link between the two is that Ellie in Jumping is the sister of Micah in Bloodline. The plot in Jumping went the full circle but I still had to develop part of it for Bloodline. I tore my hair out for weeks until I came up with an idea and finally the book flowed.

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