Breaking Loose

Loose \’lüs\, adjective – 1. not rigidly fastened or securely attached; having relative freedom of movement. 2. free from a state of confinement, restraint, or obligation. 3. lacking in restraint or power of restraint; lacking in moral restraint. Synonyms: unleashed, unfettered, unbound, free.

That third definition, especially lacking in moral restraint, is a real doozy. Loose morals, loose woman…whore, harlot, slut, so what? Who cares if women who choose to have multiple sex partners are loose sluts? After all, they’re asking for it, aren’t they?

Yeah, no. We all know some of those loose women don’t have a choice for one thing. And for another, when we’ve got Congressman running for Senate saying pregnancy from “legitimate rape” is rare because if it’s really rape, a woman’s body has a way to “shut that whole thing down”, is there really any doubt that language shapes our world?

Then we’ve got college dudes saying the increased emphasize on rape prevention is ruining their sex lives. Probably the same dudes who call their sexually adventurous female classmates “sluts” even though they’re queuing up to bang them. And you just know, one of the first insults that gets thrown at women who sleep around (usually by the douches who got dumped by them) is that they’re “loose”; same with guys who like a lot of anal penetration.

Now not only are their morals loose but also their orifices? Without even getting into the physiology of that, pretty sure we don’t need to talk about why that’s just a gross thing to say about someone. Gross. Seriously.

So, why include that nasty bit of business in the definition to start with? Sure, we could leave it out. But that just wouldn’t be us. Instead of hiding ugly truths behind the same closed doors that used to hide sex scenes in our favorite novels, Loose Id believes in blasting them open.

For ten years we’ve been challenging the idea there’s anything wrong with having as much consensual sex as you want, as long as no one’s getting hurt, right along with the idea there’s anything dirty about writing or reading about sex. What’s so great about restraint anyway? Yeah, it’s got it’s time and place (say, with your bestie’s guy or gal, unless bestie’s joining you). But unless you’re talking Shibari or suspension cables, there’s nothing wrong with cutting loose.

Loose Id supports a person’s right to say yes to sex right along with their right to say no and have both choices respected. We say no to calling people “loose” for enjoying sex, to shaming people for their choices of partners or pleasures, and making people feel dirty for liking sex in their stories. Instead, we say yes. Yes to cutting loose from convention. Yes to breaking loose from boredom. And an emphatic yes to loosening your id.

Get loose and read sexily ever after.

Loose Id.

Get Unleashed