BTB: Kryssie Fortune’s Giving It Up For The Gods

Are you DC or Marvel?

I’m a DC girl through and through. Not that I don’t have a thing for Tom Hiddlestone when he plays Loki, but I grew up on a diet of DC comics. Superman and Batman were okay, but I cherished every copy of Adventure comics. The Legion of Superheroes fascinated me. Since I have dark, curly hair, you’d have thought I identified with Triplicate Girl or Shrinking Violet.

Not me.

I thought Saturn Girl, with her red dress and blonde hair, was the best thing out there. I’ve been fascinated with anything connected with Saturn ever since. The highlight of my visit to Rome was the guided tour of the Forum. What moved me most? The Temple of Saturn of course.

I know lots of odd facts about the planet Saturn. The sixth planet from the sun, it has both rings and moons. Back in Roman times, it was one of the few celestial objects recognized on Earth. The Romans named if after one of their most powerful Gods. Then I read that astronomers had downgraded the planet Pluto—another planet named after a Roman god.

The what if’s kicked in.

What if Saturn lost his rings? What if Pluto stole one and used it to strengthen him? Maybe Saturn reclaimed it. Could that be why Pluto was downgraded?

I had to work out the who, what, and why. A little research showed me that the God Saturn was friends with the Roman God Janus.

Giving it up for the Gods is the story of how Saturn reclaims his first ring, but also a hot love story   between Janus and Lindy. I wove ancient mythology with modern day facts – and even visited the Yorkshire church that stands on the site of Mercury’s Temple to get the details right.

I had fun researching  Giving it Up for the Gods, and I hope it shows in the story.


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