Behind the Book – Sealed by Magic, Two Men, and a Boat

Behind the Book – Sealed by Magic, Two Men, and a Boat
by A. Catherine Noon

Emerald City Shifters 2: Sealed by Magic | A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder

In writing Sealed by Magic, Rachel and I set part of the action on a boat. That’s nice, but she lives in a desert and I live in the Midwest. Neither of these locations are near the Pacific Northwest nor, more importantly, the ocean. What to do?

Thank the maker for the internet, that’s all I have to say. We turned to our trusty search engine and starting searching for information about boats. That’s where we ran into a problem:

When one doesn’t know anything about a subject like “boats,” how does one narrow one’s search?

Well, we knew we didn’t need something gigantic, so that left out the yachts we found, (though Rachel got some ideas for a future story set on one of them). We didn’t need something small, because they have to be able to sleep on it. Maybe a sailboat, but something that would have some character.

Then we realized that there are really two different boats in the story: one for our older characters, that they’d purchased many years ago and repurposed from a fishing trawler to a houseboat; and one for our younger character that he bought for himself right off the line.

Side question: do you know how many kinds of trawlers there are out there??

We settled on a Searay, and we even narrowed it down to a particular model year and model type. We like the Sundance boat because it’s got everything we need: the galley, or kitchen; a restroom that isn’t just a hole down to the water; a shower; and a spacious interior below-decks along with a nice top-side area. Voila. Problem solved.

Question for you, Dear Reader: what’s the most off-the-wall thing you’ve researched on the internet?

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