ATK: Cheryl Dragon

At the Keyboard with Cheryl Dragon

Right now, I’m hugging my keyboard (okay my laptop but I did leave it home alone)! I love doing cons but I’m such an introvert. By the time they are over (as much as I love seeing my author and reader friends and making new ones), I’m ready to go fetal in the corner with a bottle of wine.

One thing that helps is a wine corner in my hotel room. A nice box of White Moscato and/or Red Sangria with some cups and a bucket of ice. It lets me entertain and relax in the room for some of the time. Plus friends get to drink free and its way cheaper than any hotel bar!

Wine…beverages are essential to writing. Water hydrates, coffee fuels, and diet pop brings balance (for me anyway). But wine is the best! When life is frustrating (be it conferences, characters, or family)…a glass or two of wine helps me relax.

Tension makes it hard to create. Isn’t that a saying? Write drunk and edit sober…so just to share.

Favorite wines:

1) Barefoot Riesling

2) Yellow Tail Sweet White Roo

3) Yellow Tail Pink Moscato

4) Oliver Soft White

5) Oliver Sangria

My roomie and I are already planning the wine corner at Gay Rom Lit in Chicago!

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