ATK: Cara Bristol

Cara Bristol: five things I’ve done and five I haven’t

I have:

  1. Petted a live rattlesnake
  2. Played with an adult bobcat
  3. Gone parasailing and zip lining
  4. Traveled to quite a few countries including China, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey and many places in Europe.
  5. Spent a month on a small 24-foot boat cruising among the islands of the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

I have not:

  1. Been to movie theater in more than eight years (I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie, actually).
  2. Been snow or water skiing.
  3. Sunbathed since I was teenager.
  4. Read more than two or three print books since I got a Kindle about four years ago.
  5. Owned a smart phone until this year.

Cara Bristol

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