ATK: Author Survival Kit for Writing The Playhouse

The Playhouse
Author Survival Kit for Writing The Playhouse
Writing about one of my fondest childhood memories (aka the real Playhouse I grew up around) was beyond fun. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t require the occasional mental first aid or stimulation. Here’s what I used to rev the engines when it came to the latest in Superpowered Love:
5. The Soundtrack. All the Superpowered Love books have soundtracks in the back, so this will surprise no one who knows me or them. I know some find it incredibly distracting to write with music, which I get. I’m the same, when it’s a new-to-me album or song. But The Playhouse soundtrack consists of half modern dance, pop, and rap, and half–you guessed it, show tunes. Talk about stimulating my brain. Also, I don’t think the Pippin soundtrack has seen that much constant play since the seventies, revival or not.
4. Cats. Okay so that’s not so much Playhouse-specific as it’s just me. My cat Lucy hangs out with me while I write, most days, though, and I got a second cat while I was writing it. His name’s Siggy and he was constantly ‘helping’ by crawling into my lap while I was trying to work. It’s a good distraction.
3. Chocolate covered espresso beans. I feel like these things are out of fashion now because they’re much harder to find than they used to be… or I’m imagining some sort of espresso bean conspiracy. Either way, I keep a bag of them tucked into my desk drawer (because cats) sometimes, and they totally helped me power through The Playhouse. It was one of those books that once I got rolling, stopping for a snack was not an option.
2. Oscar Wilde and William Shakespeare. I’ve gone on a lot these past few weeks about the musicals in the book–mainly because they’re the bits that get the pyrotechnics. (Long story, just, there’s a lot of fire in this book. Superpowers. It’s a thing.) But the two ‘straight’ shows that The Playhouse does during the summer season in question are public domain– because cheap!–and penned by the previously mentioned gentlemen. Getting to mess with a scene from The Importance of Being Earnest? Priceless. Kept my copy handy!
1. My Entire Childhood. I‘m lucky, I had a happy childhood. A lot of it was spent with some of the most creative and lovely people imaginable, all of whom worked not for money, but love at my local playhouse. While some of the (GOOD) characters draw from life, they’re more conglomerates of types and funny situations than direct correlations, of course. (The negative characters are also types, and far less ‘drawn from life’, needless to say.)
The Playhouse has been out for almost two months! As you can guess by now, it means a lot to me. If you think it might be entertaining for you, check out the excerpts on my site for cute girls making out in a dressing room!
Thanks for reading ♥
P.S. You can buy The Playhouse at Loose Id, Amazon:, All Romance Ebooks: & other ebook distributors.

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