ATK: Allie Ritch

At the Keyboard: Memorable Reactions

by Allie Ritch, author of bestselling shapeshifter romance, Tribal Shift

Being a writer, especially an erotic romance author, isn’t the same as being an office worker or the usual employee. When I tell people what I do, they’re usually surprised and curious. Over the years, I’ve witnessed a lot of reactions, but here are the three most memorable:

(1) “But you seem so straitlaced!” — Yes, well, I keep my whip at home and leather is so hot in the summertime. I also happen to be in a [insert bank, grocery store, library, etc.], so I thought I’d tone it down.

(2) “Are you writing about your own experiences?” — This one always amazes me since I write sci-fi and paranormal romances. Many people have told me they think I’m from another planet and can sometimes look shifty, though, so I’ll let you be the judge.

(3) “Holy %&@!, you really are a writer!” — I’ve heard this one from friends and acquaintances when they finally look up my books online. Writing is a wonderful, transcendent, insane, arduous, uplifting, hair-pulling business, and I think I’d have to be nuttier than I am now to lie about doing it. Absolutely I’m a writer, and that’s no %&@!.

One thought on “ATK: Allie Ritch

  1. *grin* My favorite reaction is when other writers find out I have two cats, and that they both like to add their own flavor. Jules’s favorite input is “pppprrrrrrrrrrrr.” No joke. Neko seems to prefer “mmmmmmmvvvvv” and I’m not sure what that one means yet. Peace, Allie!

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